Excuse my message from earlier... turns out cursors aren't so bad.
(Although it would still be good to know when they are going to swap

On Mar 26, 12:58 am, Patrick Collins <patcollins1...@gmail.com> wrote:
> I realize Twitter is now possibly anti-developer, but do you think you
> could tell us when "soon" is for the retirement of the cursor-less
> friends/ids and followers/ids calls?  To rely on especially slow
> cursor calls is a huge headache, and far slower than simply getting
> ALL ids as we currently can when we call without cursor.  At least,
> don't you think it would be best to announce such a major API change
> in a way other than buried deep in an otherwise pointless message
> about, e.g., "Tweet Button"?  I guess this is par for the course... :(

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