An afterthought:
If this requires registering the locations and/or the users for
twitter accounts would it be possible to do this in the background via
php?  I just don't want to redirect the user over to twitter to setup
an account because that's the kind of extra step that will decrease my
sign-up rate.


On Mar 29, 12:08 pm, wolfie <> wrote:
> Hi guys,
> I've developed a website that basically does this:
> 1) Users maintain a list of geographical locations in their settings.
> These are stored in a database.
> 2) Users post messages from these locations using a webapp or native
> app (iphone, android, etc..)
> 3) Users that are interested in the locations from which messages are
> posted receive alerts as text and email messages.
> For the text messaging I've been using the Email to SMS gateway, but
> I'm starting to find issues with it.  1) A Canadian user had to
> contact their provider and have this gateway turned on.  2) An English
> service provider (Rogers) doesn't support this gateway.
> My question is can I use the twitter API to somehow deliver text
> messages to my users?  I don't want them to have to take an extra step
> of going to twitter to set something up.  I just want them to easily
> go through my website and set this up:
> step 1) select email or text alerts
> step 2) if text alerts are chosen, tell me phone number and country
> step 3) if text alerts are chosen, tell me service provider
> step 4) select locations of interest
> I'm very interested in knowing if Twitter can help with this problem.
> I've built the website and my user base is starting to grow, but now
> I'm concerned about this issue.
> I'm considering having a dedicated Android phone serve the texts, but
> I don't know if it would get too flooded with traffic and slow down or
> not.
> Thanks for your help.

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