Hi There.
We are building a Twitter application that need to stream all it users
update and compute some metrics.
After investigating, the Site Stream API seems t be the only viable
way to do it. However, our team is reluctant on building something on
it as it is in beta:
   - The service we are building will be very update hungry: it need
to get all updates for all it users: As per the documentation, a
stream should not serve more than 100 user.
   - An app that need to open more that a thousand connection need to
coordinate with the the #devteam.

This leave us only with: 100k users that we'll be able to serve out of
the box.
However this limit seems very small the service will need to service
around 5M users if it work well.

So my question is: Will the #devteam will grant access to such a
service that need millions of user's feed to be streamed?


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