Hi Team,
I am using grackle client to retrieve results from search api of
twitter. i am passing oauth parameter to retrieve 350 requests per
hour. Though I am doing it right it still retrieves me only 150
requests per hour. I tried to verify account/verify_credentials and
found i am passing the correction oauth params.
Here is my dev code with Grackle gem

 twitter_client = Grackle::Client.new(:auth=>{
       :token=> 'token',
           :token_secret=> 'xxxx'
         :headers => {"User-Agent" => "example.com"})

I am passing User-Agent as I have seen it mentioned in rate limit api
if it is correctly passed we can retrieve 350 requests per hour.
Could you let me know if I am mssing something or should pass anything
with Grackle api call to get 350 requests per hour using oauth.

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