Hi all,

I dev for an application where we do timely domain-based searches for
all recent tweets involving that domain. Part of the queueing process
is automated, and has been working brilliantly, until i discovered an
odd quirk just this morning.

Let's say a tweet was made linking to www.example.com/one/long/uri
(shortened via t.co), and i do a search:

That search will fail to find the tweet in question. But this will

Having noticed exactly this (on a real client's domain), i looked
through our DB to notice that no searches on domains prefixed with www.
domains had ever succeeded, and a quick sampling showed that tweets
had been made on those domains, provided i excised the 'www.' from the
search term.

I couldn't find this behaviour documented anywhere, and i'm wondering
- can it be trusted? If i start stripping www. from my search terms,
is it a reasonable expectation that tweets linking to the www.
subdomain (and shortened versions of those links) will continue to
show in the search?


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