Did you save the access tokens of each user and use them whenever a
user log-in to your site/app? If not, then they will be asked to allow
the app everytime they login to your site.

Hope this helps...

On Apr 16, 3:07 am, Konstantin <rasf...@gmail.com> wrote:
> Hello!
> We are trying to implement the sign in with twitter button...we can
> successfully connect a twitter account and be redirected back to our
> site. But if a user comes back to our site who has already
> authorized our application and clicks the sign in with twitter button,
> they have to go through the "allow our site access" step again and
> reauthorize our application.
> Does anybody have any idea why this might be
> happening instead of what is described in step 3 
> onhttp://dev.twitter.com/pages/sign_in_with_twitter?

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