...and Twitter is the best place where to start.
It would be great that in our public profile whe have a code, like the
geek code, but expression our interests not in more global aspect,
without directly entering in politics, religion or any other aspect
that may raise conflicts.
It would be something like:
P+ S- L++ R-- T++

That means:
I am a Private property defender.
I do not practice much Sports
I am a great defender of Liberty
I am not Religious at all
I am a great fan of Technology

I don't mean these five aspect are the most important. Twitter should
open a debate to decide which aspect are the best to profile us in a
360 degrees view.

I detail it much more in my last post:
My english, as you can see, is not very good, and always takes me too
much to translate it. But I will :-)

If you like the idea and understand the great beneficts of it, we
should start defining the code and the aspects to evaluate. The geek
code is quite complex to emulate it. We need, to start, something more
simple and understable to the masses. Over the time, we could improve
it, adding new aspects, or new modifiers to every aspect (as in the
geek code).

Thank you.

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