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> Hi Dusty,
> The Javascript API is still undocumented and unsupported -- the only
> production-ready elements of @Anywhere that are officially supported are the
> simple basics documented at http://dev.twitter.com/anywhere/begin -- there
> are a number of developers who can offer some experience-oriented guidance
> on the @Anywhere mailing list with the extended features at
> http://groups.google.com/group/twitter-dev-anywhere
> But anything beyond the features noted on dev.twitter.com are considered
> internals to the official @Anywhere platform and subject to change at any
> time. It's not really recommended at this time to pursue this avenue of
> development and instead to use server-side integrations for anything more
> complicated than what @Anywhere or Web Intents offer. The document
> at http://platform.twitter.com/js-api.html was meant to display a snapshot
> of what could be possible with a JS-centric API but was never meant to be an
> official platform offering.
> Taylor

It might be time for Twitter's engineering and business development
teams to have a pow-wow about API road maps. There has to be a balance
struck at some point over how much "unsupported" and "undocumented"
and "experimental" work a company as small as Twitter can get away
with, given the size of some of the big dogs Twitter runs with these
days. Have a look at the names that are above Twitter in the Alexa Top
Sites rankings, for example. ;-)

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