I want to search for lists on Twitter using the Twitter API. I have
tried using REST API with OAUTH and since the results are paged after
20, I can't seem to make large requests fast. In fact, it can take an
entire minute or longer to complete all the back/forth requests
involved with paging.

What I am doing now but takes too long:

1. Get 'users/search' with a topic, say "Lakers"
    a. 20 users are returned (only 20 is fine for this step)

2. Look up 'username/lists/memberships' for each of the 20 users
    a. Get ALL lists (which requries slowly paging by making multiple

3. I will compare and sort the lists on my end to get my search
results of lists for the topic "Lakers".

Is there a better API or call to use to make this request fast?

Thanks in advance for any help.

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