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I am trying to map the tweets which I can retrive using Twitter Search
This is what I have observed.

When I search for tweets based on location(lat n long) using the
I see that (in the xml format) there is <location > tag where the
latitude ,longitude or semantic address like minneapolis,MN etc are

But suppose I search for tweets based on a keyword ,say IPL

Then I do not see any <location> tag in the atom code.In fact I am not
able to get any kind of location information .

I know that not may people have enabled the geolocation feature,so the
% of tweets having the location is very less.

But What I have cross checked is,I used a map interface, and when I
click on it ,it takes the co-ordinates and gives the tweets near
by .These have the location tag.Suppose I choose a word from the first
tweet and then search for that word as a search keyword, the I do get
the same tweet as the latest tweet ,but it does not have the location

Why is this so?
Can any one tell me

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