Our external application does this, it is a breeze, check out my blog
at http://bit.ly/kD0Je5

On Apr 2, 12:00 am, sromero <santi.rom...@gmail.com> wrote:
> I would like to what you think about integrating to the web interface
> a "mute" functionality. Yes, it would be similar to follow/unfollow at
> the end, but I think that having a small list somewhere (probably at
> the right of the time line right now) where I could "unmute" users
> with a single click without having to remember who I have muted
> (therefore having to look for them again, sometimes with the need of
> writing down the username first) can be useful. Examples:
> - You may want to mute some journalists commenting a match I don't
> care
> - You may want to mute certain people/TvChannels/etc during your work
> hours
> I say it's similar to follow/unfollow because I think it would add a
> third "state" in the relationship between two users, and thus probably
> change part of the API:
> - Not Following
> - Following
> - - Muted (which can only happen if following)
> The functionality can be done using the current API with an external
> application I guess (I haven't gone deep into the API), but we obtain
> to lists from the user: following and followers, and thus we don't
> know which users are actually muted. That is, we must store this
> information in an external place and that might not always be possible/
> desired.
> May be when viewing someone's timeline it could be distinguish those
> tweets that happened while you had the user muted (so you know what
> you don't remember having read that :)
> Any comments? Do you think that this feature deserves a place in the
> API?

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