Hi all,

I develop an application for Symbian platform in Qt. I have
encountered a problem when trying to pass xAuth using QTweetLib
library. I have both consumer key and secret. I just got conformation
from Twitter API Policy guys that I should be able to pass xAuth using
these credentials (I have permission) but I'm not.

Here is the snippet of code:
m_oauthTwitter = new OAuthTwitter(a_netManager, this);
connect(m_oauthTwitter, SIGNAL(authorizeXAuthFinished()),
connect(m_oauthTwitter, SIGNAL(authorizeXAuthError()),
m_oauthTwitter->authorizeXAuth(username, password);  //  username and
password are OK

I got following error (from application's output console – Qt Creator
OAuth tokens are empty!
Network Error:  204
Response error:  "Failed to validate oauth signature and token"

The error occurs on both real device (Nokia N8) and simulator (Windows
XP). Date/Time seem to be set correctly.

Could you advice me what should I try to solve the problem?

Best Regards,

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