Hi Taylor,

I wanted to ask about the possibility of finding out about the status
of our application to the Site Streams beta.  We submitted it on March
24th and have heard nothing back.  If you require more information
we're happy to provide it, but since we've heard nothing back at all
after more than a month we thought we should at least check in.  The
company is Evri and I believe our application was submitted by David
Kellum.  Please let me know, thank you.


On Apr 19, 11:54 am, Taylor Singletary <taylorsinglet...@twitter.com>
> Hi Developers,
> We know a lot of you are excited to get started with Site Streams 
> (http://dev.twitter.com/pages/site_streams), but the API will continue to be
> in beta for at least the next few months as we continue preparing it for
> wider release. During the beta, the criteria we're looking for and
> applications we're interested in will change as needs & criteria evolve.
> Before applying for the Site Streams beta, we ask that you've developed your
> application far enough along with User Streams and that you've already built
> the necessary status & event consumption routines for a single-user
> scenario. This will prepare you to work with Site Streams at a faster clip
> when access is provided. Site Streams does not support any of the
> search/track features of the User Streams, so if your application requires
> these capabilities, Site Streams may not be the right fit. Some developers
> have asked for Site Streams access with the misunderstanding that it can
> provide a greater percentage of the firehose than the self-serve options
> available to them today -- this is also not the case.
> If you're a developer who has hoped for early access to this beta program
> but has been unable to join and are looking for alternate implementation
> options in the meantime, our team is happy to discuss alternate strategies
> on this mailing list with you.
> Thanks for your continued patience as we continue productionizing this new
> platform feature.
> Taylor Singletary

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