Hello again,

This is my thought on "Woah there!" message:

I have already got my own ID as a twitter user before registering my
First, I tried to get another twitter ID as a Consumer (which I
thought is necessary)
in order to log in for registering my application.

But I could not find the way to get another twitter ID as a Consumer.
So I had to use my user ID and registered my application.
Once I registered it, I could get Consumer Key and Consumer Secret.

But even more, by clicking "My Access Token" button,
I can see Access Token and Access Token Secret as well!
I thought this is because my User ID and my Consumer ID are thought to
be same.

So when I try to get Request Token, Twitter Server might think
that the token information was used by myself!
I am glad to hear what you think about my thought.

Thank you in advance,
Ari Endo

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