I am using @anywhere library to search for twitter users by firstname
+ lastname.

On using twiiter connect button, I have noticed that the popup window
that shows allow access to app times out periodically. It keeps
waiting for response from twitter. Same behavior is observed upon
searching for users. It sometimes doesn't work but works all right
after a while. I haven't been able to figure out any pattern on this
time out issues. What is solution to this issue?

I am trying to search twitter for users by their full name (first
+ last name.) . It returns me 20 results as expected.
When I append '&page=2' to finduser variable below, I get empty
twttr.anywhere(function (T){
          // work on results

I have 3 questions:
 1. How do I know upfront how many results matched my query?
 2. How to enable pagination?
 3. How to attach a loader function(that can show a loader gif till
the ajax
request-response is complete) to search method?

Any suggestions/hints are appreciated.

I had posted this email to @anywhere development list a while ago but
did not get any suggestions.


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