My objective to save detailed location information for every tweet
whenever possible
1) determine & save country/state/city level information
2) Save XY coordinates of the tweet

I am processing firehose stream,
3) When "place_type" = "poi" or "neighborhood", state information is
missing, why is that so & how can i get it ?
4) Is geo:point coordinate going away ? i shouldn't use it ?

"full_name": "State Fair-Nolan, Detroit",  "country_code": "US"

snippet of raw firehose data:
{"text": "We got dance today wtf??? This is my chill day =/",
"annotations": [], "metadata": {"entryMethod": "web", "contributors":
["CeeMoGreen"], "verified": false, "author": "CeeMoGreen", "geo":
{"type": "Point", "coordinates": [42.427010889999998,
-83.089577969999993]}, "retweeted": false, "acquiredDate": "Wed Feb 23
11:25:04 PST 2011", "authorFullName": "TheAcademy_Cece", "followers":
402, "type": "twitter", "publishedDate": "Wed Feb 23 19:24:16 UTC
2011", "timestamp": 1298489104477, "authorId": 41652678, "authorUrl":
null, "inReplyToStatusId": null, "publisher": "http://twitter.com/
CeeMoGreen", "authorLocation": "SecondStarToTheRight", "url": "http://
twitter.com/CeeMoGreen/status/40492152601591808", "authorDescription":
\n#TeamJesus\r\n#TheAcademy\r\nI Like To Tweet, So Follow Me =) I
Think I'm Funny-ish", "numTweets": 8311, "tweetId": 40492152601591808,
"place": {"name": "State Fair-Nolan", "url": "http://api.twitter.com/1/
geo/id/7d515aafcd0794b8.json", "country": "United States",
"place_type": "neighborhood", "bounding_box": {"type": "Polygon",
"coordinates": [[[-83.125172879999994, 42.402110039999997],
[-83.057397839999993, 42.402110039999997], [-83.057397839999993,
42.447018960000001], [-83.125172879999994, 42.447018960000001]]]},
"full_name": "State Fair-Nolan, Detroit", "attributes": {},
"country_code": "US", "id": "7d515aafcd0794b8"}, "following": 343,
"authorImageUrl": "http://a0.twimg.com/profile_images/1251216590/


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