Hey Amaç,
Since the dataset you plan to distribute does not include Twitter
content directly from the API, you can totally post it for public
consumption. We allow tweet IDs to be shared in datasets like these,
so if it would help fellow researchers to compare your results to the
original corpus, you can also attach a list of the tweet IDs from your
data set (just not their full tweet text or the tweet objects).

Brian Sutorius
Twitter API Policy

On May 16, 12:27 pm, amacinho <a...@herdagdelen.com> wrote:
> Hello,
> I have been using Twitter API for research purposes and created an
> ngram dataset of a tweet corpus that I have collected over the time. I
> want to make this dataset public for research purposes so other
> researchers may carry out their own studies without having to create a
> similar corpus. I read the ToS and didn't see any explicit statement
> that forbids such an action. I just want to be sure that my
> interpretation is correct. Could anyone tell me more about this?
> The dataset I plan to share is a collection of frequently-used ngram
> phrases and their frequencies in my corpus. I don't plan to keep
> phrases longer than 5 words. For instance, a sample of the file I plan
> to make public is below:
> ----
> drinking a glass of wine        233
> drinking a cup of coffee        398
> drinking poison and waiting for 10
> drinking a tea without sugar    98
> ----
> In this case the phrases are 5-grams (they all consist of 5 words/
> tokens) and the number bext to them is the number of times they are
> observed in my corpus. As far as I can tell I am not redistributing
> the content of tweets because these samples contain common phrases
> that are already used commonly in daily language and I am merely
> releasing their frequency in a sample of tweets.
> Thanks in advance for your thoughts.
> Amaç Herdağdelen

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