I'm working on a website how expose interesting things about cooking and

We have created a service how use the stream API to get information about
people on twitter talking about our subject of interest.

In our website, if our administrator thinks that content is good enough, he
mark the twitter account as "interesting" and we look for his tweets with
Stream API. I want to tell that it is a manual action for our admin.

But we have now the idea to follow this twitter users talking about food
with our account ( 1 account ), the one that we have marked as interressing,
but in reading carefully the ToS Twitter says we cannot auto-follow twitter

As we don't want to auto-follow but follow programaticaly, principaly to
avoid annoying repetitive task like : mark it as "interressing" in our
website back office then go on twitter to follow them, I'd like to ask you
if it is permited to programaticaly follow people like we want to do ?

Best regards and thank you in advance.

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