Hi again !

I'me still working on my javascript twitter client.
At this time, every request i make using POST method work perfectly,
but i'm experiencing some trouble using GET parameters with oauth.

Here is my code to retweet a message :

var parameters = ["oauth_consumer_key="+consumer_key,
"oauth_nonce="+nonce, "oauth_signature_method=HMAC-SHA1",
"oauth_token="+accessor.oauth_token, "oauth_timestamp="+time,
         "oauth_version=1.0". "id=" + id];

var baseString = getBaseString(parameters, nonce, time, "GET", "htts://
var signature = b64_hmac_sha1(consumer_secret + "&" +
accessor.oauth_token_secret, baseString);

As i'm having the same problems with direct messages, i assume my
mistake is in the parameters part or the basestring generation.

This signature method perfectly works with POST (i'm currently using
it for timeline and mentions).

Thanks for helping me !


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