Hi all

I'm working on an application that will hopefully make updating
peoples lists nice and easy. Currently, I'm caching the following

- the list id, name, and the friend IDs in that list
- for each user that uses the app, people they follow; id, name,
screen_name, description and profile_image_url

This data is being stored for an hour, and then once expired, I
retrieve the data again.

I really want to try and limit the number of API calls so I don't go
over my limit, while at the same time, making my application nice and

However, there are times when a user won't have updated any of their
friends or lists, and therefore a refresh won't be a required of the
cache for that user (saving redundant API calls). And on the other
side, there will be users who will have made changes to the people
they follow, or modified their lists by an alternative means, like the
Twitter website. In this case, a refresh of the cache for that user
would be best done before the hour expiry, when that user logs into
the application next.

Is there an API call that I can use to check for these changes?
Perhaps a last modified header that is received in an API call that I
can check?

Or is the hour expiry that I currently have setup the best practice?
And perhaps I should just add some information to my application
explaining the cache system I'm using?

Any help/advice would be much appreciated!



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