The Twittelator iOS twitter client team has done our best to make the
user experience of the new OAUTH Webflow as clean and user friendly as
possible. And, for everything we can control, it's feeling good.

Of course, there's one thing we have no control over: the page - and yet, that's at the
heart of the User's login experience!

Defect #1: On iOS devices, the "Username or email" field, invariably
attempts to Capitalize the first character of your username. Just
extra and useless friction for the end user. I'd bet 90% of
twitternames begin lowercase.

Defect #2: Likewise, auto-correct is on for the the "Username or
email" field - but who uses a plain english word? More friction.

The fix is trivial I believe:

<input type=text
       placeholder="Username or email" />

Defect #3: Forgot your password button is close enough to authorize
that manly fingers might inadvertently tap it instead of the Authorize
button. Because the keyboard may animate up and down, the buttons are
sliding up and down as you go to tap. Perhaps it could be to the right
of the password field above "No Thanks".

Defect #4: Authorize button ignores first click sometimes and simply
initiates a keyboard [may be iPad only]
Enter your username, enter your password, tap the dismiss keyboard
Now, tap Authorize. I see the keyboard come up, no other action. You
have to tap the Authorize button again. Something about putting away
the keyboard looses focus on the webpage so that the first tap is
ignored by the Authorize button.

Anyway these can be addressed soon? Believe me, it really is the
little things that make the biggest differences!

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