Ive been racking my brains with about 4 different android-twiter apps, 
MyTwitter from marakana, AndroidTwitterSample from android10, tweety and 
some other one on github from itog_lab.  The point is I can never get them 
to work on eclipse.  Authentication fails.

I downloaded OAuthDemo from Marakana and it works fine.  But it comes with a 
key/secret.callback and user email from their account.  I of course want to 
do my own.

In the app I am asked for this data:

private static final String TAG = "OAuthDemo";

  private static final String OAUTH_KEY = "key";

  private static final String OAUTH_SECRET = "secret";

  private static final String OAUTH_CALLBACK_SCHEME = 

  private static final String OAUTH_CALLBACK_URL = OAUTH_CALLBACK_SCHEME + 

  private static final String TWITTER_USER = "m...@gargetna.com";

As I said, since i dl it from marakana it came with their data.  But In my 
registered app i have no callback scheme or url.  I created my app as a 
client app, not a browser app.  The app itself, the marakana oauth example, 
authenticates the user by redirecting it to a webpage in twitter where i 
enter my twitter user and pass.

Here is there code.  https://github.com/marakana/OAuthDemo

Could someone tell me what i need to do with the callback and scheme values? 
 Ive looked at the twitter docs and they are not clear at all about this.

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