This is not strictly a dev question, but I was hoping others here may
be able to suggest or redirect.  I have recently started using Bodhi
Linux, but I have not been able to get TweetDeck to work on it.  Bodhi
is based on the Ubuntu distro, but it's a minimalist version, and the
user must use apt-get to pull down other software and components.
TweetDeck works great on Ubuntu, but I have yet to make it work on
Bodhi.  I can install AIR and TweetDeck, but when launching TweetDeck
the first time, it says:

"Oops, TweetDeck can't find your data

TweetDeck is having trouble using some of your passwords that are
stored securely on your machine.  Clicking Submit will clear this data
so that you continue to use TweetDeck.

Please note that you will have to add your accounts to TweetDeck


There is no submit button, per se, but clicking the <<OK>> button
leads to second dialog box that says:

"Sorry, Adobe AIR has a problem running on this computer

TweetDeck is having trouble storing your passwords securely.  Please
check the article at for
information on what may be wrong and how to fix it.


Clicking <<OK>> will only redisplay this second message repeatedly.
Clicking the close control button will close the dialog, but it is
impossible to subsequently add a user account.  I plan to try to
contact Adobe, but perhaps someone here may know the issue or can
provide a solid reference for help.

The question is what component needs to be installed to store
passwords on Linux with Gnome?  Kwallet is not the ticket (KDE).  The
gnome keyring service is running, but there appears to be a subsystem
missing for the password storage for Gnome Desktop apps.

Any ideas?

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