250 per day per sending account, spread over the day. Try not to send more than 10 per hour, although I think Twitter divides it in blocks of 4 hours. Better way? I'd say that you shouldn't use Twitter for this. :-)

Lifetime of tokens: infinite until revoked.

Also, yes you can report an user as spam, but you shouldn't report a Twitter user for things they do on your site.


On 5/29/11 2:25 AM, dnog wrote:

I'm planning to build a tool to convocate events, like events on
Facebook, but Facebookless, just for twitter users.

There is any limitation (added to the 350req/h rate limit) sending
direct messages?

Is there any better way to notify users?

What is the lifetime of the tokens? Can I store it in a DB for example
(if infinite lifetime)?

Finally, if somebody make a SPAM event, blocking is enough or there is
any mechanism to notify Twitter the problem and block the user?


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