I have already tried asking for 200 tweets, but the results stay the
same because the api divides it in pages of 20 and you get the first
page back.
You used to be able to determine the results per page, but that
doesn't seem to work anymore since the api was renewed. Is there a way
I can maybe retrieve several pages in one call? Because looping
through the pages means an exponential growth of my calls made to the
API and I don't want to hit my limit.

On 29 mei, 17:08, Tom van der Woerdt <i...@tvdw.eu> wrote:
> You can''t. The 20 is the number of tweets received from Twitter's
> database. It will then simply not send the ones which come from private
> users, deleted ones (?), retweets, etc. If you want 20, ask for 50 and
> limit it yourself.
> Tom
> On 5/29/11 11:20 AM, ogierepier wrote:
> > Now I have a public list that includes private accounts. I'm
> > retrieving the result by calling statuses.json. The list is followed
> > by a few people. I have a gadget on my site which retrieves the latest
> > statuses. The private tweets are left out, which is fine by me, but
> > they're taking the place of the public tweets. Which means if for
> > example the 20 latest tweets on the first page of the results contain
> > 19 private tweets you get only one tweet back. I do not want to remove
> > the private accounts from the list because the people following the
> > list can see this private tweets on twitter.com. How can I exclude the
> > private tweets from the query so that my results of the latest 20
> > tweets contain 20 public statuses?

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