I work for Grupo Abril in Brazil (http://www.grupoabril.com.br/IN/
index.shtml), the largest publishing group in Latin America with a
growing web operation as well. Our flagship magazine, "Veja", which is
like Time magazine in Brazil, is the 4th largest in the world by
circulation numbers.

The team I work with would really like to build an app for Twitter but
we are certain that the API rate limits would prevent it from working
properly and thus I'd like to know if is there any means by which we
could work around that.

I've tried to reach the partnerships folks at Twitter (at
part...@twitter.com) last week, but haven't heard back from them

The app would be placed in our city guide product for the web. It's
focused on what's trendy or upscale just like the New York Mazagine
(http://nymag.com/) or Time Out (http://newyork.timeout.com/). It
would work just for the city of São Paulo at first but we'd expand it
to other major cities across the country afterwards.

The city guide is an extension of our flagship magazine (we have "Veja
São Paulo", "Veja Rio" etc,).

Basically, it's a flirting app for missed connections that would take
place in venues listed by our guide. We believe it's a fun way to
place Twitter at the heart of an important kind of social activity for
urban trendsetters.

With our app, users would be able to start conversations via DM
anonymously before revealing their identities to one another. That's
why we are very confident that we would exceed the API limits on a
sustained basis.

I'd more than happy to discuss the details of the app before we could
move on with it.

Thanks a lot.

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