Hi everyone,

Due to unforeseen complications with the timing of our event, we've
had to push the event back a day to Thursday (6/9) from 6pm to 8pm.

We've also updated the agenda, and will be covering the following:

1) Intro from @rsarver
2) Technical iOS integration overview from @raffi
3) ABUIKit overview from @lorenb
4) Q&A with @rsarver, @raffi, and @sandofsky
5) "Tea Time" socializing

There are also two Apple events covering the Twitter iOS integration
at WWDC:

        - "Twitter Integration" on Thursday from 2pm to 3pm in Presideo
        - "Twitter and Accounts Lab" on Thursday from 4:30pm to 6pm in
Applications Frameworks Lab D

Finally, please be sure you're already registered as an Apple
developer in order to attend this event. You can register here:


We apologize for any inconvenience this change in schedule may have
caused, and hope you'll still be able to join us on Thursday at 6pm.


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