I'm working on integrating the regular tweet button on some pages.

I can tweet out http://www.uniteful.com/35 and the link will appear in
my stream.  Upon clicking, the link comes up very quickly in a new
tab.  Then, that same tab closes after less than 100ms or so.

This behavior happens in Chrome (11.0.696.71 and such) on both OSX and
Windows, and also Safari (5.0.4).  It doesn't happen in Firefox
(3.6.13 for OSX), IE7 (Win), or Opera (10.6 for Win, 11.11 for OSX).

If I turn off Javascript in Safari, the behavior stops.  I can't seem
to track down what bit of JS might be responsible for this.

Is this a known issue, or has someone else run into something similar?



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