Ok, folks, this is driving me out of my mind and I need some help.

I'm running a simple CRON job in Rails, that will be used to manage a 
Twitter List. For some reason, whenever I call a protected method, I get a 
401 error. I'm using a single access token, and have triple checked that the 
app and oauth tokens are correct. Code snippet is simple:

  client = Twitter::Client.new(
    :consumer_key => 'CK',
    :consumer_secret => 'CS',
    :oauth_token => 'OT',
    :oauth_token_secret => 'OS')

  client.list_add_member 'myuser', 'automotive', 

Throws the error:
401: Could not authenticate with OAuth.

>From the Nunemaker docs, this should be trivial. What am I missing?

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