I documented the API in my post at https://groups.google.com/forum/#!topic/twitter-development-talk/mbRRzl2CWc4

I think that the API endpoint I documented is only available to those who can use the photo upload on the web and all iOS 5 users. I cannot tell you when the API is available to everyone, but I think it'll be slowly released to everyone, and when everyone can use it, the API will probably be officially announced.


PS: I found out that if you want to add several images to one post you should name all of those entities "media[]" - but that should go into that other topic.

On 6/10/11 12:53 PM, Terence Eden wrote:
I see that the new Official iOS Twitter App allows users of the
Sainted iDevice to post photos

Any idea when this will be available to us lowly developers?

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