Our company at present is in charge of production of the following
campaign site.

This site is equipped with a quiz, and the participants of the
campaign are invited to take it and submit their answers (the answers
are to be submitted using twitter as tweets).
The system is set up so that the twitter account of our campaign site
(@sanyobussan) is automatically followed by those who submitted their
replies, but relatively frequently (in about 30 percent of the cases)
people who submitted their replies are not made to automatically
follow the site's account.

Specifically, the system of posting the replies and the automatic
following works with the following flow.
1) User accesses the page
2) Simultaneously with access, the session ($_SESSION['screen_name'],
$_SESSION['oauth_token'], $_SESSION['oauth_token_secret'];) is
3) If the session exists, a check is made whether the user is
following our account or not.
4) "Post a reply" button > oAuth authentication > Session information
is written onto the call-back page, and the user is redirected to the
source page.
5) (Redirection) 1-3 are executed again.
6) The user is requested to post his reply on Twitter, and if in step
3) information returns that the user is not following our account, a
request to follow it is sent.

I believe that the automatic follow system is quite common, and would
like to know your opinion about what kind of causes could result in
the situation as one described above where follow does not work.

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