Today, I am proud to announce that Twitter API
ME<http://kenai.com/projects/twitterapime>v1.7was finally released.
This new version comes with a bunch of new
functionalities, improvements and bug fixes. A special fact in this release
is that all new functionalities implemented were requested by developers.
All of them through our Express
So, thank you very much to those developers and their respective companies
that contributed to this project.

As I said, this version comes with a great number of news. Check them out:

- Reply tweet
- Timeline of favorite tweets
- Favorite/unfavorite tweet
- User search
- User lookup
- Get friends and followers (full objects, not just id)
- Get friendship details between two users
- New attributes in MetadataSet class
- Bug fixes related to authentication using e-mail address instead of

As you can see, you will have a lot of work to integrate those new functions
into your app.

This version also comes with some remarks:

- From this version on the release's jar file is no longer preverified for
Java ME and RIM platforms. It is not necessary, because you will do that
when you build your application.

- You can now obfuscate your app with Twitter API ME's jar file without
adding any rule to your obfuscator. No class is instantiated using
reflection any more.

- HTTP Basic Authentication support was completely removed from source code.

Besides all those great news, there is one more thing (Apple like [image:
Tongue]): TwAPIme for Android app. This an open source Twitter Android
client app totally developed using Twitter API ME v1.7.

I expected to publish this app on Android Market at the same time v1.7 was
released, but unfortunately, for time reason, it was not possible yet. Any
way, you guys may already check out this good app. I believe it will be
worthy for all developers. Find below some features available in this app:

- View Home, Mentions, DM and List timeline
- Post Tweet
- Send DM
- Reply and comment tweet
- Favorite/unfavorite tweet
- Retweet
- View user profile
- View user's lists
- View List's members
- Follow/unfollow user
- Block/unblock user
- Users search
- Report spammer

However, it comes with an important remark that must observed by
everybody: Terms
of Use

This source code is FREE ONLY for NON-commercial purposes. Actually, you can
change it, add new features, fix bugs, etc. However, if you intend to
release it as an app of yours, be aware it MUST be 100% FREE, besides making
clear it is powered by Twitter API ME project and providing a link to
website's project.

I recommend everybody to read the READ-ME.txt file contained in the release
package of Twitter API ME and TwAPIme for Android.

So, here it goes the links to download the releases:

Twitter API ME v1.7

TwAPIme for Android v1.0

So, I hope everybody enjoys all the news.


Ernandes Jr.
"ALL programs are poems. However,
NOT all programmers are poets."

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