Hi twitter developing community,
I'm using ruby( on rails) to do the oauth dance manually and finally
call /1/statuses/update.json to update the status of an authorized

Every single step during the oauth procedure is confirmed to be
Actually I already tweeted some messages successfully. But for no
obvious reason(to me), oauth sometimes fails at the very beginning
while acquiring a request token. Then it just sais: "Failed to
validate oauth signature and token".

Then I retry it several times until it (suddenly) works.
The next step, i.e. exchanging the request token for an access token,
works perfectly every time.
But when it comes to the actual status update(i.e. calling the /1/
statuses/update.json endpoint) it sometimes fails, too, saying "Failed
to validate oauth signature and token".

Again I just retry a few times and all of a sudden it works.

I don't change the code during this testing sessions, nor do i change
the text I want to be tweetet.
It just doesn't work sometimes.
I can't reproduce this "unwanted behavior".

Did Somebody have the same issue?
Suggestions are also appreciated.

Kind regards, Felix.

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