You are accessing API in an unauthentic way and without oAuth, and you
are running out of API calls.  You can add a service method to track
remaining  API calls that you have left to confirm this, e.g,{xml | json}.  You
can research from thousands of PHP tutorials and examples out their
and improve your code base to use oAuth.

Check out to start
into oAuth for your single user feed application.


On Jun 13, 9:47 am, Andreas Voss <> wrote:
> Hey Twitter Developers.
> I've had a bit om a problem with my "home made" twitter feed plugin
> for my website, sometimes it just wont load the feed for like 30
> minutes and then it starts working again. Is there any of you familiar
> with this kind of error?
> <?php
> $user = "andreasvoss";
> $url = "".$user.".json";;
> $json = file_get_contents($url);
> $data = json_decode($json);
> foreach($data as $val){
>         $screen_name = $val->user->screen_name;
>         $tweet = $val->text;
>         $date = strtotime($val->created_at);
> ?>
>               <span class="name">@<?php echo $screen_name; ?></
> span><br>
>               <span class="update"><?php echo $tweet; ?></span><br>
>               <span class="time">for <?php echo $date; ?></
> span><br><br>
> <?php}
> ?>
> Kind regards Andreas Voss

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