Hi Hugh,

Yes, your home timeline would consist  of all those you follow and anything 
retweeted by those users. That should fit perfectly for you.

On 16 Jun 2011, at 23:59, Hugh Hopkins wrote:

> Thank you very much. would this work for only the twitter accounts
> that I follow.
> Thanks and all the best,
> Hugh
> On Jun 15, 7:31 pm, Scott Wilcox <sc...@dor.ky> wrote:
>> You'll need to use the streaming API to collect the timeline and then 
>> process that data yourself to deduce the most frequently used terms.
>> Streaming API documentation can be found athttp://dev.twitter.com/doc
>> On 15 Jun 2011, at 19:20, Hugh Hopkins wrote:
>>> Heya,
>>> I'm a student who has just started a student news website called
>>> http://www.sonews.co.uk/we also tweet a lot 
>>> onhttp://twitter.com/#!/sellyoaknews.
>>> I was hoping to create localtrendsfrom only the accounts that
>>> @sellyoaknews follows and was wondering how this would be done?
>>> So for example, I will be able to put on the website the 5 or 10 most
>>> talked about items from people I only follow. This would have a huge
>>> number of benefits because it would directly relate to the students we
>>> follow plus it would mean it wouldn't be susecptible to spam.
>>> If any of you could help point me in the right direction that would be
>>> great!!
>>> thanks and all the best,

Scott Wilcox

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