For some reason when I use any keywords other than "the, and, or" I
get no results. Tried in both cUrl & Python. Keywords like Boston,
hockey, Obama return no results! Curl & Python code just wait
receiving no results. Any thoughts? Also the keywords "the, and, or"
produce a {"limit":{"track":20}}, every 50 or so records. i understand
this is a rate limit but 1) What is the number for & 2) What is it
limiting as more tweets seem to still be received?


import tweetstream, simplejson as json
words = ["the", "and", "or"]
f_out = open("c:\\bitly_test\\results_4.txt",'w')
stream = tweetstream.TrackStream("xxxx", "xxxx", words)
for tweet in stream:
  print "INPUT:", tweet
  #result = json.loads(stream)
  #print result

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