I'm working on some improvements to a PHP module I develop which is pulling
data from the REST API user_timeline endpoint.  A popular request has been
the ability to filter out @replies and user mentions.  This is easily doable
from a PHP sense; however, my problem is that since there isn't a URL
parameter to help with this filtering, there will be instances where users
have one (or both) of these filter options enabled which will cause no
tweets to display once my code starts to render the feed and filter the
tweets.  Internally, I can take my user's specified count parameter and
double or triple the number of tweets that are actually fetched, but there
still rests the chance that a user wants to display 5 tweets and 12 of their
last 15 (supposing I triple their count) match a filter condition.

Does anyone have any recommendations as to an effective way to ensure I get
the number of tweets that the user is looking for without having to change
endpoints, run multiple queries when pulling the data, or running a single
query with an excessively large number of tweets (i.e. pulling for 50 tweets
to get 5)?

Thanks in advance,
Michael Babker
Owner, FLBab.com

"The difficult we do immediately.  The impossible takes a little longer." -
US Army Corps of Engineers

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