I don't think this is an option available within Streaming API but you
might create a short program that would start a request (e.g. cURL) at
the desired time/date "start_date" and you can manually stop it (or
also with a program) at "end_date".
I'm just concerned about what you mean by "track keyword from previous
date" because Streaming API sends only tweets posted "now". As far as
I'm aware you can't get past tweets using Streaming. You might think
about Search API in this case.


On Jun 23, 8:13 pm, JackRabbit <yacobus.reinh...@gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi Guys,
> is it possible to query streaming api with filter and include
> start_date and end_date, so that developer can track or filter by date
> range? If yes, that could be awesome, if no, would you mind please to
> add this feature?
> Why it is needed because it would be great if we can track keyword
> from previous date where we have missed the tweets. For event
> organizer and finance reports application like us, this feature is
> very valuable.
> Many Thanks,
> Jack

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