Hello all,

I'm quite new to OAuth and the Twitter API, and this is my first post to this 

I'm working on an app in Python using the Twisted framework. It uses brosner's 
fork of python-oauth2[1] to do the initial authentication and subsequent 
request signing. I'm using the PIN code flow for authentication. Do access 
tokens need to be generated every time you start the app, or can they be stored 
between runs and reused? If so, how long are the valid? Right now, my code 
writes the access token and secret out to a file and recovers it the next time 
it starts. The procedure seems to go just fine – I don't get any errors – but I 
can't really verify that everything is Correct because I don't really know what 
I'm looking for…

Second thing, I'm at the point where I'm trying to do the initial connection to 
https://userstream.twitter.com/2/user.json. I'm using SSLConnect and 
web.HTTPClient, if that helps… I write out the command (GET <url>), and the 
headers (a Host and an Authorization header). The OAuth library generates the 
following Authorization header content. I get back a 401 Unauthorized error 
with a WWW-Authenticate: Basic header. I've heard from @twitterapi that User 
Streams require OAuth, so why am I getting a Basic auth response?

OAuth realm="Firehose", oauth_nonce="25622603816219309853125867384777", 
oauth_consumer_key="<cut>", oauth_signature_method="HMAC-SHA1", 
oauth_version="1.0", oauth_token="<cut>", 

Anything obvious there that I'm doing wrong?


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