I understand that...just want to make the information available to my
members.  So they tweet something out of the website and someone RT
the link I just want to show the potential number of eyes that have
potentially seen the tweet RT on their timeline.

On Jun 24, 10:06 am, Mohan Arun <mar...@gmail.com> wrote:
> > I am wondering if there is a way to see how many people have "seen my
> > tweet" via Retweets.  For instance I tweet "Twitter is the best" it is
> > RT by one of my followers who has 1,000 followers, then by one of his
> > followers who has 200 so my tweet has been "seen" by those users 1,200
> > people via Retweets.
> Many people just follow 1000+ people and may not 'see' a retweet
> even though the retweet was available to read in their tweet inbox
> because there is 1000 other people whose tweets are visible
> when the twitter user logs in. Many tweets are going unread.
> - Mohanhttp://www.mohanarun.com

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