I am having trouble posting to twitter from my ruby on rails app. The
consumer keys and secrets are correct, also the oauth token and secret
seem to be fine. The code used to work fine but I have been getting
these error since today morning. Is anyone facing the same issue or am
I going wrong anywhere?

client = Twitter::Client.new(
                        :consumer_key => 'XXXXXXXXX',
                        :consumer_secret => 'XXXXXXXXXXXXXX',
                        :oauth_token => "XXXXXXXXXXXXXX",
                        :oauth_token_secret => "XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX",
                         :endpoint => 'https://api.twitter.com')

#<Twitter::Client:0x104ae9e30 @user_agent="Twitter Ruby Gem 1.1.2",
@proxy=nil, @endpoint="https://api.twitter.com";,
@search_endpoint="https://search.twitter.com/";, @format=:json,
@consumer_key="XXXXXXXXXXXX", @oauth_token_secret="XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX",
@adapter=:net_http, @oauth_token="XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX",

client.update "post message"

Twitter::Unauthorized: POST https://api.twitter.com/statuses/update.json:
401: Could not authenticate with OAuth.

Vishal Kajjam

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