We have as well. Appears to have started 9-10pm utc on june 23. No
changes on our side, just overall slowdown of all twitter rest api

To make things more exciting, all new site stream connections started
returning 401s half an hour ago(9:47utc)...

On Jun 27, 2:48 pm, joelkeepup <taskow...@gmail.com> wrote:
> HI,
> Between June 23 and 24th we noticed a 3x slowdown on twitter api
> calls. Before the 23rd we had consistent api response time of a second
> for most calls with occasionally a couple seconds. Sometimes calls
> were very subsecond.
> As of June 24th (until now) all our calls are taking 2-3 seconds and
> occasional 20+ seconds.
> Its possible it could be something with our provider or our code, but
> we cant seem to pinpoint anything.
> Has anyone else noticed a slowdown?
> thanks
> Joel

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