Hey all,

With iOS 5 and the Twitter integration coming in a few months, we have been
getting a ton of inbound interest and questions around how to effectively
leverage the Twitter integration. We wanted to get your feedback on how we
can best support you and your users in developing meaningful experiences. I
also hope you have had a chance to dig into the
the WWDC session

We've heard that it would be helpful for us to provide some standard
graphics for use with your upcoming iOS integrations. We wanted to
understand what types of buttons and styles would be most helpful. We think
the most common use case is going to be "Sign in with Twitter" (SSO) but let
us know what formats would be helpful.

The two use cases that we're hearing the most interest around are:

1. Instant personalization - frictionless Single Sign-on (SSO) and social
graph will allow apps to provide a personalized experience to their users
with one click. What things can we provide to make this more effective for
2. Distribution - using the build-in Tweet Sheet functionality to post great
content from your app out to the Twitter stream where it will drive
engagement and clicks back to your application.

Let us know if there are any other resources that would help make your
Twitter iOS integrations easier on you or help you provide more value to
your users on iOS.

We'd love to see your apps, give feedback and help make developing on
Twitter and iOS 5 a great experience so let us know how we can help.


Ryan Sarver
@rsarver <https://twitter.com/intent/follow?screen_name=rsarver>

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