Thank you for your reply.

Indeed, one thing I had tried before posting was your first
But, this does not work for me.  (Can't parse the javascript code in
detail to figure out why not...)

I will take a look at the REST API instead.  If you have an example,
that would be quite helpful...


On Jun 29, 2:44 pm, Tim Meadowcroft <> wrote:
> On Wednesday, June 29, 2011 6:56:52 PM UTC+1, jcorso wrote:
> > I am using a the Twitter widget in 'profile' mode to display news and
> > events on my website.  (Twitter user is @ProfJasonCorso and the url is
> >  However, I would like to filter
> > the tweets that are displayed in the widget to only those containing
> > the hashtags #news or #events.  I cannot figure out how to use the
> > 'filters' feature of the widget (even after reading the widget.js with
> > my somewhat outdated knowledge of javascript) and cannot find any
> > documentation or examples about it.  Nor can I find another way of
> > doing it.
> The basic "test it out" pages at
> are handy for trying out various features, and will then show the code you
> need.
> And I take it you've got the documented un-minified source of the widget
> code from
> to look at .
> > Note, I think the 'profile' mode is appropriate rather than the
> > 'search' mode because I believe Twitter only indexes recent tweets for
> > search and I need all of them to appear.
> The setUser() call seems to call setSearch(" "), so if you want to
> experiment combining them, I'd do something like
>   w.setUser('ProfJasonCorso').setSearch("#news").start()
> but personally, I use the REST API to pull in the tweets and then filter
> them as I want, and then poke beneath the covers of the widget to give it a
> list of tweets to display (rather than letting it fetch them itself).
> So if you want to look at that as an option, the way you can do it with the
> current widget code is to call
>   w._prePlay(tweets);
>   w._play();
> instead of start()
> --
> Tim

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