There is also the very widely adopted twitter-aync at and Abraham's twitterOAuth at

On 4 Jul 2011, at 20:11, oosswwaalldd wrote:

> Hi, this guy's lib is the best when it comes to Twitter interfacing,
> it has some examples on it.
> I am already using it in my web site, the user "signs in with Twitter"
> and he comes back to my page with all the user info ready to display.
> this is the page if you wanna see it for yourself
> On Jul 3, 4:02 pm, ken lee <> wrote:
>> Hello,
>> I am looking for a mod or a know-how to use their twitter account to
>> sign in to my site.
>> Steps:
>> 1. New user that has twitter account comes to my sign
>> 2. Use "Sign in with twitter" button to authenticate.
>> 3. Once it is authenticate through twitter, I want to have his
>> twitter's username as the username on my site.  As long as it passes
>> back the username, I can assign that username to the signup form on my
>> site.
>> I've been googling google for the know-how, but with little luck.
>> Please advise.  Thanks!

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