*Full bug report is here: https://gist.github.com/1064338*


The Twitter API returns malformed JSON for some valid requests.

I discovered this while attempting to fetch all of my list memberships via 
the API. The issue is present regardless of authentication. It occurs 100% 
of the time, and has persisted for over twelve hours. I have reproduced it 
for multiple users.

Note that the response does not indicate any error condition. The 
transaction completes successfully, but the payload is malformed.

It seems that any user with enough lists will eventually have a page 
returned containing this bug. I've located it on the first two users I 
tried, which is my own account (@idangazit ~120 listed) and that of Jacob 
Kaplan-Moss (@jacobian, ~500 listed), founder of the Django web framework.

The offending queries:

These are two examples:



Note that these are literally the first two users I inspected. I imagine 
this bug affects anybody with a sufficient number of lists. I have not 
encountered the issue in any other API call, but I haven't looked very hard, 

All of the following applies to my account, but is equally reproducible for 
@jacobian, albeit with different values.

Starting with cursor=-1, the following (stable) progression of next_cursor 
lead to the broken query result:

   - 2nd: 1370876429079454131
   - 3rd: 1363944001883709517
   - 4th: 1352913498669071334
   - 5th: 1336796671888485791

Each of the requests leading up to the offender return well-formed JSON.

The problem is a superfluous "empty value" at the very end of the lists 
value, more easily seen on line 956 of the pretty-printed JSON attached to 
this gist. Pasting the JSON into a validity checker like http://jsonlint.com 
points out the invalid serialization.

Interestingly, the developer console in Twitter for Mac munges the response 
to replace the trailing comma with "null", thereby making it valid JSON 
(screenshot:http://cl.ly/1q072g380B0P3g213t3e). Regardless, the bytestream 
from the server contains invalid JSON.

Raw and pretty-printed dumps of the transaction are available in the gist 
linked at the top of this post.


Idan (@idangazit)

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