Very confused.  I have abrahams API lib, works fine.   After the
change, I updated my apps permission and then changed the following in
his code.

  function getAuthorizeURL($token, $sign_in_with_twitter = TRUE) {

    if (is_array($token)) {
      $token = $token['oauth_token'];
    return $this->authorizeURL() . "?oauth_token={$token}";
    if (empty($sign_in_with_twitter)) {
      echo 'calling authorizeURL<br>';
      return $this->authorizeURL() . "?oauth_token={$token}";
    } else {
      echo 'calling authenticateURL<br>'; return;
      return $this->authenticateURL() . "?oauth_token={$token}";

So I can make 1 call, but after that, its give me a 403
Could not authenticate with OAuth. /1/account/verify_credentials.xml?

Any thoughts????

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