We are doing this in a VERY controlled way, where the switch from REST
API to Site Streams (and back) is very simple as needed in our
application. Also, the users who get Site Streams are VERY few, and
are aware of it. So far, so good, we are doing very well with it. It
has been up for many days, no interruptions. Happy happy.


On Jul 6, 1:39 am, Orian Marx <or...@orianmarx.com> wrote:
> Mark, this is a great post, thanks for taking the time to write it up.
> What I'm curious about is that I believe Site Streams is still in beta
> and not supposed to be used in a production environment according to
> Twitter. Has it been stable for you?
> On Jun 28, 12:24 pm, Mark Krieger <markskrie...@gmail.com> wrote:
> > We've gone live with Site Streams for paying customers of our
> > TweetRoost product. I wrote a blog with technical details which some
> > people might find interesting. See it 
> > athttp://www.mediaroost.com/2011/06/tweetroost-goes-live-with-twitter-s...
> > -- it is not a product blog or a pitch :) (and I am a big fan of Site
> > Streams, it was a great project for us to implement)
> > Mark Krieger
> > President
> > @mediaroost

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