I am working on an application which retrieves the user Home Timelines
and save tweets to the local repository for further reference rather
than going to the your server always.

I am facing quite typical issue with MAX_ID  and count query
parameters, It is not working as expected.

My application flow looks like below.

Initially requesting for the top 100 tweets to download in the order
of top to down (like 800 to 700,600,500…0).
In order to achieve the above requirements  used the following URL.

http://api.twitter.com/version/1/home_timeline.fxml&count =100
It is pulling the top 100 tweets as expected.

>From the next request onwards MAX_ID query parameter is used by the
following way for limiting the results between 700 to 600.

Here MAX_ID  is  the last processed  Tweet ID (i.e 700,600,500,400
tweet ID’s)  obtained in the previous XML,

Strangely I am receiving the less number of tweets   instead  of
“COUNT” value i.e 100 tweets ( getting 96 or 98 tweets in the 4th and
3rd requests itself although there are some more old tweets available
to download).

 I made totally 8 requests for downloading all tweets but I have got
96 and 98 in the 3rd and 4th requests only.

In Twitter Dev forum  some  discussion  was there that if received
tweet count is less than Count parameter  value then their won’t be
any more  tweets to download.  So as of this I should stop looking for
old tweets in the 4th and 3rd requests itself but this is not true in
my case.

My problem is where should I stop requesting for the old tweets?

Do I need to continue until I receive ZERO tweets?

Please direct me to solve this issue.

PS: Noticed that this is happening if I receive new tweets while
downloading the old tweets.

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