We'd love to be verified at http://sellsimp.ly as we have core
functionality that relys on DMs. If users could Dm without us
following it would be of great assistance.


On Jul 5, 8:39 am, Ryan <craft.r...@gmail.com> wrote:
> Searched this forum and found nothing, but apparently you guys are rolling
> out a new feature for Verified accounts to be able to receive DM's without
> having to follow back each user.
> See:http://thenextweb.com/twitter/2011/07/04/twitter-drops-following-requ...
> This leads to multiple questions:
> 1) Is it possible for regular small businesses to gain verified status? Or
> is this just limited to mega brands/businesses?  Obviously this feature
> would be very helpful to more than just the select few "verified" business
> accounts.
> 2) Why not let any user apply this feature in their settings panel? If
> worried about DM spam, I don't really see the downside as they would only be
> inflicting spam on themselves. Any chance of this happening?
> 3) Can verified users turn this off if its not desirable for their specific
> situation?  
> Thanks,
> Ryan

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